We recently got to take a trip to a part of Mexico I basically knew nothing about other than from the Shawshank Redemption & even debated sharing because you guys: IT’S A LITTLE MINI PARADISE.

My father-in-law has been talking about Zihuatanejo for years now and always suggesting for us to go. Well, years later we finally decided to go with our really good friends (on a whim, i’m talkin’ almost less than a month prior!) and it turned out to be one of the best/most inexpensive vacations i’ve ever taken!

I won’t cover every single detail of what we did but here are some of the highlights:


Literally LOVED our accommodations on Playa Larga and would suggest if you’re staying here to definitely stay at either The Thompson, Embarc, or La Casa Que Canta. Pretty much everything you need is on this little strip.


Besides hours of pool time & many many many margaritas, we rode jet skis, took a boat ride, my friend's husband parasailed, and we swam so much. You can paddle board, snorkel, scuba dive, banana boat, surf, fish, and kayak all within a mile of where you stay. We also ventured out to the little town during our stay and there were so many cool shops & stores :)


The FOOD. It’s so good here. We enjoyed handmaid tortillas and some seriously delicious coconut shrimp, ceviche & refried beans at the outdoor restaurant Acopio inside of the Embarc resort. We also enjoyed some delicious tacos & breakfast options at the Thompson hotel’s Hao. The food was like hipster meets Mexican flavors! Great margaritas and amazing, unique appetizers. Loot was suggested by a few people and they have some delicious fresh squeezed juices, espresso & ginormous yogurt bowls lol We returned at night for their upstairs bar and it was pretty cool. We also ate at the fancy Tentaciones after many suggestions but to be honest the meal we had by the pool was still our favorite. On our last night we checked out La Casa Que Canta’s restaurant and were seriously blown away by how delicious the food was. If you want some real Mexican breakfast there was also a few yummy restaurants on the beach. La Perla had some DELISH pancakes that I will think about forever. I really have to add that the service at these places was incredible and everyone is so accommodating (we moved tables 3 times one meal for the view + it kept raining hahah). The dining was truly wonderful and crazy cheap (10-25 bucks a person for next level dining)

All in all it was such a memorable trip and even though we experienced some of the hottest weather + 1 random rain storm and despite everyone saying that it wasn’t as sunny or breezy as it normally was (about 80% of the day was still sunshine & beautiful!) I would 100000% percent recommend this place!

Please enjoy my mini photo gallery :)