End of Year Musings

Normally Christmas seems to take forever to get here but for some reason, it feels like Thanksgiving was JUST yesterday and it's crazy to think that it's already over! At the end of the year I truly like to reflect on what i've accomplished/didn't accomplish (sorry guitar!) and I kept coming up with things but what mostly stuck with me was how much change we've had this year! We moved out of the place where we both lived for over 20 years, I started a blog - it took my 3 years but I finally did it, I finally wrapped my masters program, and G jumped into the world of being an entrepreneur! Moving has been hard (I miss my parents often) but it's definitely put things into perspective. I now appreciate so much of what I thought I truly wouldn't miss. I have found myself lately just feeling incredibly lucky for what I have every. single. day. As with everything I try and do, I want to write to encourage others and if you find yourself doubting what you've accomplished this year - or if this year feels like every other year - or if you feel like it's been an amazing, stellar year; give yourself a nice big ol' high five/pat on the back. 2016 was truly a year of change and perspective, and what's more - it's not over yet and there is still time to make someone else's end of year wonderful. :)