Seattle Seattle Seattle

We just took what has seemed to become our yearly trip to Seattle this past week. The weather was AMAZING (we seem to get lucky that way.) The majority of our trip was spent eating and drinking coffee of course, but we did manage to venture out to Bainbridge Island and Snoqualmie during our stay! I absolutely love Washington, the people are so nice and there really is nothing like being surrounded by trees. It was Valentine's day during our stay and the whole city seemed to be bursting with flowers, hearts, and lovers so that of course was wonderful to take in! :) We also found ourselves some cool new spots in Fremont and did some karaoke! I of course am biased but I would say that this is the perfect little vacation destination if you are a city lover like myself. 

I snapped a ton of pictures, enjoy! 

Palm Springs, again!

We spent a lovely weekend in Palm Springs with a few friends for the Palm Springs Comic Con! It was a blast and we definitely weren't ready to come back to work! Despite not being a huge fan of the heat, I enjoy Palm Springs because we generally have slow mornings, have breakfast on the patio, hang by the pool, and just have a really relaxing time. It's definitely not a busy time at all. :) 

I highly suggest Thai Smile if you are in downtown Palm Springs at all, we went there twice it was so good! We grabbed some coffee at Ernest Coffee (they have Stumptown!) and Kings Highway at the Ace Hotel is also amazing of course. :) 

Always a good time in the desert. :)