No ma'am

Anyone else a huge worry wart? I certainly am. I've lived the majority of my life not being able to let go of things I can't control. I think that it stems from both my culture and the fact that I am the oldest sibling and that's just the way that it worked out for me. But the last few years or so I have really begun to let go of things that I simply cannot change and have learned to walk away from situations that I feel are mine personally to fix. This has been such a process because I hate surprises and I cannot bear letting people down. I don't like the feeling of unrest you get with uncertainty. I have to say that now, finally, I feel that I am at a point in life where I catch myself saying "no" quite a lot more than I used to. And I have a confession to make: it feels good! I never imagined that things would pan out in a good fashion after saying no because frankly I rarely allowed myself to say, "no, sorry I can't" or "that's just not gonna work." I look back on things, projects, people, etc. that I should have just said no to and I truly think that while I didn't have the courage then I have it now and I am so so okay with that. :) I can say that I have said yes to things that have taken me out of my comfort zone and I have experienced profound growth in areas of my life that I never imagined. But the things I have grown the most from are the things that I genuinely felt I could be invested in. I still intend on saying yes to new experiences and adventures but I am making it a goal to say yes for me and not to please others - even if it's hard sometimes. Why am I sharing this? Because I think that all too often we tend to hide our imperfections and are ashamed of the things that make us human. Well, I am a human and while 23 year old me would have said "don't share this with people" 28 year old me is saying YES to me. :)