Quick Trip to Santa Barbara

The Mr. had two random days off this week (maybe because he worked 12 days straight last week :) ) so I was able take two days off myself and enjoy them with him in Santa Barbara! Funny enough, despite living close enough to visit often we rarely head out that way! 

We stopped in Carpinteria for breakfast at this place called Busy Bee Cafe, which is family owned and delicious! We spent some time on the beach and then headed to Santa Barbara for a little relaxation and shopping! 

Days off with my husband are my FAVORITE, especially when we get to eat some tasty food and take in some new scenery. :) 



Sunday in a Comfy Dress

This Sunday we went to the Malibu Farm Cafe and parked realllllyyyy far so we could walk and enjoy the views. I enjoy Malibu but I will say that Sunday's are crazy busy so if you are looking to ever go there, try and avoid the weekend. :) Today while I'm teaching I will most definitely be daydreaming about lattes on the pier with my hubby!

Dress: Zara. Sandals: Steve Madden

Dress: Zara. Sandals: Steve Madden

DIY Denim

I love thrifting Levi's and turning them into shorts when they're not long enough for me! 

I usually just trim them about 3 inches from the bottom of the pockets and shorten if I need to! You can use a razor, scissors, or a box cutter for distressing them. :) I found this Pinterest tutorial as well. 

Side note: If you have not tried Coffee Bean's Nitro Brew, you should! It's delicious. :)

Shoes:  Nordstrom . 

Shoes: Nordstrom


I normally stick to "quiet" colors and don't like super bright patterned things but when I saw this on sale at Zara I decided i'd mix it up a bit! I'm usually drawn to black, white, and stripes (I own about 100 striped shirts, dresses, and blouses) and less feminine attire. Anyway, I was out and about on a 90+ degree day and this was as comfy as could be for the weather/occasion! 

I got a ton of compliments on it so I guess the moral of the story is: step out of your comfort zone and you'll be surprised at the outcome :)

Romper: Zara. Shoes: Adidas. 

Romper: Zara. Shoes: Adidas.