January Thoughts

I have never been one to really set new years resolutions because frankly I never keep them! My junior year of high school I told myself I would learn to play the guitar, but forgot by February; and another year I said I would run 15 miles a week every other week; that flopped by mid March. That being said, now that I am older and have a better grasp of what I can take on, I fully believe in setting intentions for the year. Intentions I can refer back to when I feel that I am overwhelmed, not true to myself, or just a little lost from where I began the year. This year, some of the things that I want to practice throughout are:

Continue to say no to things that I just frankly don't need to do. Last year, I tasked myself with saying no when I truly didn't feel the need to participate, speak, or attend events and tried my best to say no to work tasks that I couldn't complete to the best of my ability. Toward the end of the year I lost track of this and started saying yes to things that caused quite a bit of anxiety and were definitely thieves of my joy. I want to remember this year-round. 

Let go of fear. I recently read this saying: "The fears we don't face become our limits." I want to attempt to face the fears that I shove aside this year. These fears include an array of things such as fears of committing to buying a home, fears of trying new foods, to my fear of cutting back on caffeine :) whether they are small or large, they exist. 

(Lastly, and most importantly) Saving my best for my spouse. It could just be because of the time of year but I have noticed that some days I spend all day "on" for everyone else (coffee shop people who greet me first thing in the morning, kiddos at work, parents at work, adults at work) that by the time I get home from it all I am done. All I want to do is curl into a little ball on the couch and turn my brain off. This doesn't happen every day or even the majority of the time depending on the month but I just can't shake the feeling that this isn't fair to my spouse and in the future won't be fair to my own kids, or myself. I want to save the best of myself for me and my husband (and Luna, duh) and I want to remember that at the end of the day if that means being less to everyone else that is okay :) This can also be said for my time spent on my spiritual relationship and even my friendships. Saving the best of me is important this year!

I recently started using the journaling app Day One to help keep track of my thoughts, photos, etc. and love it so far because this is the first time I have written down what I do every day. I intend on utilizing this to remember feelings, thoughts, and ideas.

I hope you all are enjoying a fantastic start to 2018 and that this year is filled with personal growth. I also hope that you remember that it doesn't take the changing of the year for you to set the tone for who you want to be :)