Christmas Parties & More Dates

Last week due to the horrible LA/Ventura County fires (you can donate/help here!) our school was closed so I had a few days off of work! It was nice to be able to stay home and spend the extra time with Luna cleaning and relaxing.


This weekend was also filled with Christmas festivities, we visited the LA Zoo Lights which were pretty cool! I felt that it could have been more elaborate but it's for a good cause and they had churros & hot chocolate! If you want something more inexpensive/casual and less crowded I definitely recommend Candy Cane Lane or any of those cool neighborhood lights you can walk through for free :) 

We also went to a fancy cocktail soiree at our friends' incredible Long Beach home. It was sooo much fun and pretty sure my side still hurts from laughing so much! There's just something magical about getting together with friends during the holidays and oh you know the magic of a good holiday cocktail :). It really put me in the holiday spirit leading into the last few days before winter break!

 I have linked my dress HERE!