My sleepy girl M-F Morning Routine

Since I wake up so early during the week and every minute counts I have been getting better and better at minimizing my morning routine (for the most part) during the week! My weekends are very different but my weekdays are very routine.  

I am in NO way a beauty expert but these are the products I trust for my sensitive skin that don't break the bank. I do use other products from time to time as "special occasion products (Kate Somerville, Perricone M.D.)" and face masks, serums, etc. Again, this is my MINIMAL routine :) I DO have extensions in at the moment so my routine is very simple as opposed to when I have mascara going on!

After washing my face with Burt's Bees cleanser (here) I use Honey Girl Organics toner for all my breakout areas, it is so refreshing, smells yummy, and leaves my skin feeling so tight . Then I moisturize and use Clinique's moisture surge for any EXTRA dry areas. I use Fresh Lotus Eye Gel for my puffy eyes, Anastasia brow pencil, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, and this NARS Blush

I give my face a few minutes to soak up all the product I just put on it :) As you can see, I have really puffy eyes which occasionally require a cold spoon or coffee grounds to help bring down the puffiness! This Fresh eye gel is my favorite lately and provides cool relief. 

I have fairly thin eyebrows and have always loved the Anastasia products for filling them in! They are super easy to use and stay on all day. For extra sleepy days I use Nars concealer in a triangle shape underneath my eyes or on anything else I want to cover!

This NARS blush in orgasm has been a favorite through the years for a little pop of color on my cheeks! It's quite shimmery too so also gives a nice highlight :) If I ever want to balance it out and make it less rosy I add a little bronzer on my brush first! This Bare Minerals matte lip color is really good for just some natural color on the lips and doesn't come off very easily so I don't need to worry about my teeth, cups, etc. I add a little chapstick as a base to avoid dryness. 

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