Festive Feelings & 12 Dates of Christmas

Despite living in California and not really getting "cozy" temps or festive snow, I am fully in the holiday spirit! G & I bought our Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving (he made me wait haha) and we decorated it that night while baking cookies & listening to some carols :) We are attempting to do "12 dates of Christmas" this year, which I've always wanted to try! We each picked a few and decided that they don't have to be super elaborate or anything, just an excuse to share some fun holiday memories & make out some more! I personally LOVE going on dates/having date night at home, and I am totally encouraging you to join in a few dates with your loved one :) 

Along with some fun winter dates, the season of holiday parties is among us and you know I LOVE a reason to dress up! I have linked below some of my favorite holiday dresses, accessories, shoes/wishlist items (give me all the glitter!) that I am eyeing for some pretty fun parties coming up! Items linked in the photo :)