Low-key Weekend

This weekend was amazing! We did NOTHING but everything if that makes sense! Friday I slept pretty much the rest of the day after work and then Saturday we cleaned like crazies and spent the entire day in pretty much pajamas til family dinner at night! One of my favorite things to do it walk to coffee with Luna and now that G has more free time on the weekends (business owner = nuts!) it's so fun to spend Saturday morning together :) 

Sunday we did a sort of coffee-crawl in Venice. We strolled along the canals which are a lil' underwhelming but worth a visit if you've never been! We did a lot of coffee - per usual, and I get asked what coffee shops I recommend in LA often so I am working on a little blog post for some that I love and don't love :) I can say for sure the Conservatory is winning by a long shot! Love exploring this city of mine! I linked some outfit deets below as well :)